Words, Languages, and Disagreements

It seems that humans are not the only ones who use same words for different meanings and intentions; chimpanzees do also use same gestures for several different purposes and senses, as recent research highlights.
Being more basic, such intentional animal gestures (forming a proper language) may not be open to the same kind of ambiguity as in the human linguistic world. Nonetheless, we should not rush into excluding all room for possible ambiguity.

John H.T. Francis

“We do not, in general, use language according to strict rules – we commonly don’t think of rules of usage while talking, and we usually cannot produce any rules if we are asked to quote them.”

“But what we are destroying are only houses of cards, and we are clearing up the ground of language on which they stood.”

Both quotes are from Ludwig Wittgenstein.

I guess one cannot talk about Language and its uses without being reminded of Wittgenstein and without giving credit back to him.

Whenever I am about to start a serious conversation with somebody on a particular subject, such as the existence of God, whether there is such a thing as Fate, which country is more democratic than the other, or whether I am more right-wing or left-wing, I often start the conversation by asking my counterparty what she or he means by God, by Fate…

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